Even If Someone Were to Rise from the Dead...

(from the 2010 Magnificat Lenten Companion)

Most of us think that there is something essential we lack in this life: if I could just have "x" - a better job, a nicer house, a more understanding spouse, better health ... then everything would come together. As Catholics, our requests may be for deeper and deeper desires: a (clear) vocation, more children, the conversion of a family member who has abandoned the faith. These things that we want are often good and reasonable. Yet, we often do not obtain them. The things we are given on this earth are but signs. And seeing them for what they are is essential to our eternal happiness. We need to recognize the signs that the Lord puts in our life if we are to follow him. Jesus' story about the rich man and Lazarus reminds us of this: the rich man is convinced that if one of the dead goes to his brothers from the dead to warn them about his place of torment, they will realize what they should do. But Abraham insists that even someone rising from the dead would not convince them. It seems preposterous; and yet, how many failed to believe even at the sight of Jesus? How often do we fail to see the signs before us? We mustn't kid ourselves that we can recognize him without paying attention to his signs.

Reflection based on Luke 16:19-31
Rebecca Vitz Cherico

Lord, help me to see your signs in my life and
to follow the path on which you are leading me.

Today's suggested penance: Do something charitable for the homeless.