"Valentine's Day" Contest

Valentine's Day is not a day Hubby and I usually acknowledge as special.

Actually, let me rephrase that for further truth and clarity: after our very 1st Valentine's Day together when I got him dearly-desired Willie Nelson tickets (buried in a box of cut-out paper hearts that I had written love notes on) and he got me squattola, I realized (then-potential) Hubby was not a traditional romantic and chose to love him anyway.

That sounds slightly bitter, doesn't it?

It isn't intended to. I love Hubby. Truly and completely, and wouldn't trade him in for anyone else. I just had to learn that he and I express (and expect) love differently (I really should read The 5 Love Languages). Not that there aren't times when I just wished he could read my mind and do something sweetly surprising, but really, ours is a good, solid, loving relationship and I don't doubt that for a second. I can't complain about not getting roses or whatever when I have a husband who cooks and does dishes.

I know!

So, we don't do much for Valentine's Day. (And honestly, I don't have the patience to sit and wait for 45 minutes or more at a restaurant - it drives me bonkers.) However, on any other night of the year, we do enjoy movie date nights. A lot. Hubby never really went to movies much until we started dating, and now almost 9 years later, it is something we still enjoy doing together. We haven't gone lately, and some of that is my fault. I don't like to leave Maggie (what can I say, I'm addicted to my kid), but I'm getting better at it, plus I love spending time with Hubby. And nothing beats a romantic comedy for a good date night.

So, all of this to say: how would you like to win a date night (or 2!) with your sweetie? Care.com is hosting a contest to promote the new movie "Valentine's Day". This one's on my list of movies-to-see because, y'all, it is packed with actors I like: Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, McDreamy (oh yum!), Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine, Topher Grace.

The deal is this: enter your love story at Care.com and you could win a trip for 2 to LA, or movie tickets to see "Valentine's Day". Plus, all winners will get one month free membership at Care.com - ya know, to help you go out on that date. Either way, it's an evening with your honey. What's not to like?

I just found out about this and the winner will be selected on Sunday, February 14th, so be sure to enter quickly. And let me know if any of you guys win :)

Here are the details:
One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two to Los Angeles, including round-trip airfare, a two-night hotel stay at the luxury SLS Hotel (http://www.starwoodhotels.com/luxury/index.html in Beverly Hills) with dinner for two at SLS’s Bazaar restaurant and a private VIP tour of the Warner Bros. Studio lot, where “Valentine’s Day” was filmed. Twelve finalists will each receive two tickets to see the film. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Care.com will also provide the winners with a free one-month premium membership to find that perfect babysitter.


Enter at: www.facebook.com/caredotcom, and tell us your most romantic or funniest Valentine’s Day memory. All entries should be rated PG. The twelve finalists will be selected during the months of January and February 2010. One Grand Prize Winner will be selected from among the 12 finalists in February. Three Finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or around each of the following dates: January 23, 2010, January 30, 2010, February 6, 2010, and February 13, 2010. One Grand Prize Winner will be selected from among the 12 Finalists on or around February 13, 2010.