Mardi Gras and My Lenten Journey

A confession: I haven't been a faithful pray-er for quite some time. It's not so easy to be reflective and prayerful when you're sleep-deprived and caring for a baby and have zero alone-time, but I am committed to getting on track again. Spending time with Jesus is too important to just let it go. (It's so easy to get complacent ... or is that just me?) So, for my Lenten sacrifice this year: no fast food, and to pray and read scripture every morning.

So, it's once again Fat Tuesday, and as it should, this day has turned my mind towards Lent and the journey of this next season.

I love Lent. It is a favorite liturgical season of mine, and one filled with such hope as we look toward the glory of Easter. Until Maggie came along, I helped with our RCIA group and let me tell you, even after going through that class about 5 times, I still learn something new every single year. My faith is strengthened. My knowledge is expanded. My love for the Church and community is deepened. It is truly an amazing experience.

One of the absolute best things about being involved with this class is seeing how God works in the lives of the catechumens (now elect) and candidates during this part of their journey. It is amazing. And there is always one person who really touches me.

(Carl ~ if you're reading this, you were the one that year)  :-)

If you've never journeyed with anyone as they come to faith in Jesus Christ, let me tell ya: it will change you as much as it changes them. And seeing the faces of those baptised at the Easter Vigil - it is as close to pure joy as you can find on earth. They are beautiful and breath-taking, and I never fail to cry with happiness. (Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!)

So as our elect begin their time of Purification and Enlightenment in preparation for Easter, let us, too, reflect on that Mystery. Let us renew our faith through prayer and almsgiving. Let us prepare our hearts for the miracle that Easter brings. Let us journey together toward our ultimate gift - everlasting life!