SUYL: Favorite Shopping Spots

I’m not a big shopper, really. I love buying for Maggie, or for any one of the number of kiddos in our lives, but in general, I’m just not a shopper. It was a gene my mom neglected to hand out at birth.

When I do shop, though, I certainly have an opinion on what establishments I am going to throw my moolah at … AND I shop sale/clearance racks. More bang for your buck. So here they are, in no particular order (and they are not on the list, but just assume that any bookstore I pass is a good place to shop!):

Target or Walmart
They’re my default places to shop for clothes and home accessories … 1) because they’re affordable and 2) I can also pick up groceries.

The Children’s Place
They have great post-season sales. I stocked up on warm weather clothes for 2010 in the fall of 2009, and nearly every piece I bought for Maggie was $4-$5 each. And since we live in AZ, she’ll get a lot of use from them!

This is basically the only place I can find jeans to fit my booty. I totally shop their sale/clearance racks for great finds.

JC Penney
I would say 98% of my work and church clothes come from here. Again, I shop the sale and clearance racks because, seriously, I just can’t justify paying $54 for purse. The one I currently have was originally $54 that I got ½-Off PLUS another 10% off – you just can’t beat that!

Hi, my name is Jennie and I have a shoe addiction. ‘Nuff said.

Who doesn’t shop here? You can find nearly anything … I love finding used books that I haven’t been able to get a hold of locally.

Pink Bowtique
I have bought many of Maggie’s bows from here. Also, they were very accommodating with a special request and didn’t charge extra. Super nice customer service, great work, and cute bows … what’s not to like?

My Bambino
The only thing I’ve ever bought here are the piggy banks – they’re too cute and I buy them at some point for just about every kid I know!

Okay, I think that's it. For someone who doesn't shop much, I sure did end up with alot of places on this list :) Check out everyone else's fave spots at Kelly's Korner.