On The Outs

The internet and I are not friends right now. Or maybe it's just my computer.

Or both.

For 3 days now I have been trying to post a couple of Maggie pictures on my blog.

Please note: there are no pictures on this post.

First, we had a worm issue. That was fun. Our McAphee wasn't picking up any of the spyware we apparently had on our computer, so I spent time dealing with that.

After that was all fixed, the internet blocked Blogger as a restricted site, and for the life of me, I could not figure out was going on. The computer and internet have been conspiring against me ... which is weird because I rarely go on the computer on the weekends. Not even to check my email. I tend to disconnect for Saturday and Sunday, and LOVE it.

However, the gloves are now off and it is time to wage war. I have not won yet. I'll admit to being slightly obsessed and frantic at this point (the hormones aren't helping me here at all, btw).

I am finally back in Blogger, only to have my attempts at uploading pictures thwarted Every Single Time. It is making me crazy.

So, hopefully we'll figure this out and get some new pictures up. If not, I really hope you enjoy the written word and can draw a picture in your mind of our growning Peanut :)

Cross your fingers that we get this figured out ... before I lose my mind!