An Early Christmas Gift

Well, sort of.

I was in the kitchen Saturday afternoon making lunch for myself. Maggie had just finished hers and I had laid lain placed her on her play mat to give myself a few minutes.

In hindsight, it had gotten pretty quiet, but Maggie isn't crawling yet, so I didn't think it meant anything. I ignored the quiet.

Well, for someone who is "non-mobile", the Doodle sure can get around!

I came into the living room with my lunch, checked her mat and immediately thought, "Hey, there's no baby."

That's right. I said there was no baby.

No Baby!

I looked around to see what had become of my "non-mobile" child (you are noting the sarcasm in that, right?), and this is what I saw:

Maggie managed to scoot herself (backwards?) off of her mat and under the tree. Where she was, apparently, totally content.

Makes a sweet little gift, huh? :)