A Long, Lovely Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving.

I love that both our families get together, so we don't have to split time between houses.

I love all the food, especially the turkey. It is, literally, the one day of the year I get turkey and I.LOVE.IT!

This year was extra special because Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day.  Nothing says 'Happy Anniversary' like eating yourself into a coma :)

Maggie received a sweet gift on Thanksgiving. A little backstory: Sister Bernadine was a very special person to our family, who passed a few years ago. We met her when my parents were living in Turkey - she served at the Vatican Embassy there in Ankara. A sweeter person you have never met ... and it never hurts to have a nun love you and pray for you! Anyway, after she retired to the motherhouse in Holland (she was Dutch), my mom went to visit her there. Long story short(-ish), even after Sister B passed away, my mom has kept in touch with one or two of the nuns she met while visiting. The nuns there have been specifically praying for us the past 3 years with all of our baby losses / pregnancy issues, and were among our strongest prayer supporters during our pregnancy with Maggie. So, they sent Maggie a Christmas ornament - her first one to start her own collection. How sweet it that?

I think I have most of our Christmas stuff out, but everything is not quite as it should be (the linens need ironing, and - oops! - we left the nativity in the attic and need to get it down). FYI ... putting all of the Christmas decorations out by yourself with a 7 month-old, not so easy :)

(Hubby had a wedding this morning, and his band had a gig this evening, so he wasn't just being a slacker.)

(Though he can be awfully bah-humbug-ish when it comes to helping with the decorating. Most guys, or only mine? Just curious ... )

Anyhu, I'll share pics once I get everything finished. Hopefully, y'all will be sharing photos, too - I love looking at Christmas decor. I totally steal love new ideas :)

Hope y'all had a Hap-Hap-Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. I am in mourning for Auburn, btw. Trying not to dwell on it but MAN, we should have won that game. I should go before I get myself all worked up again ... AAAGGGHHH!!)