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Updated: Okay. So apparently we've had some "technical difficulty". The difficulty being that, technically, YouTube and I are new friends and haven't quite figured each other out yet. But I think maybe we have the "not able to view video" problem fixed. Sorry about that. Carry on.

Original Post:

We had a new 'first' on Monday.

My mom watches Maggie for us while we are at work, so I took her there on Monday after her doctor's appointment. Hubby and I wanted to wait until Maggie was 6 months old before starting her on solids, so after her check-up, we had the 'all clear' to move ahead.

First up: Rice Cereal

In hindsight, starting this new thing right after all those shots probably wasn't a stroke of genius on our parts. She ate really well that morning, but for lunch and dinner Maggie just wanted her bottle and to snuggle. But, onward and upward as they say, so we'll just keep plugging along. She was back to her normal happy little self by yesterday afternoon, so I think today we should start making better progress in the solid foods department :)

And just because messy babies are cute, here is the video Nana shot while feeding Maggie her first solids ... pretty impressive multi-tasking, don't ya think? :)