Bubbly Baby

Updated: Y'all, it was 76 degrees when I left home this morning. And the high is expected to be 99. Can I get a 'halleuia'? Seriously. This is good news ;)

Original Post:

Can you see what we've learned to do recently?

It's now a favorite thing to do. Along with drooling, of course.

Teething time has officially reached our home, thus the bubbles and drool. And chewing on anything within reach, to include carnations, hair, Daddy's goatee, and cats, to name a few. (Who knew those pudgy little arms could reach so far?!) Maggie is doing really well about not being fussy because of pain or discomfort, so that is good, though I'm realistic enough to know it won't last. I'm just enjoying it while it does!

As mentioned above, Maggie got a good hold of Cosmo last week. I wasn't home to document it photographically, and Hubby apparently was more concerned about rescuing the cat from Maggie than taking a picture. I just can't imagine why :) Cosmo was very good about the whole thing, and according to Hubby, when Maggie grabbed a big ole handful of his scruff, he 'hit the deck' and just looked at Hubby, as if to say, "Um, what do I do now?" and just waited patiently for Hubby to help.

He's a goofball of a kitty, that Cosmo :) Here's a little of the fun they've been having together. I just love the look on Maggie's face in the bottom picture:

PS: Can you tell I've been goofing around with Picasa? Photography stuff is so fun! And thanks to Brent Riggs for his video tutorials ... allows even those of us who aren't super html people to fake it like a champ :)