A Birthday and Football

Maggie went to her first "1st Birthday" party this past weekend. Hailey, the daughter of our friends Steve and Jessica, turned one last week, and we went to her party on Saturday. I just love 1st Birthday parties - they're just so cute!

Here's the Birthday Girl:

Isn't she adorable? I just love her red hair!

Maggie had a lovely time, and went relaxed in jean shorts and a cute top:

After the party, we all went home to enjoy the rest of College Football Saturday. We're teaching our girl to L.O.V.E. college football from an early age:

(Look at those cheeks!!)

All that partying and football watching took its toll, though, and our girl pooped out from all the excitement:

We all had a great day, and looking back, Mommy and Daddy probably could have benefitted from a nap, too :)

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day. Hubby and I actually had a full holiday together, so we spent the day grocery shopping and cleaning house. We've turned into the old married couple :) No fear. We completed all of those things in time to be seated in front of the TV for college football. This is definitely our coach-potato time of year :)

P.S. Did y'all see the Florida State / Miami game?!!! Hooo-wee what a game! Man, I love college football :)