New Seat Covers

Hi, there.

I'm still here.

Ya know, for the three folks that wondered where oh where I've been :)

Anyhoo ...

Maggie finally has enough pudge on her legs to wear her cloth diapers ... woo-hoo! Here are the ones we chose for her:

They came highly recommended by some friends of ours at church and I must say, we have been very happy with them. They don't soak through overnight like disposables (she'll sleep 8 hours at night right now - can I get an 'amen'?!) plus, I just like that Maggie is wearing cottony, comfortable drawers and not chemically-added stuff designed with a wet-strip indicator, ya know?

I'm not judging, though, y'all know that right?

Disposables won't go completely away in our house, anyway. Sometimes they'll just be necessary for the situation. But on the whole, our little girl will be a cloth diaper wearing babe :)

We've been waiting for this day. I'm soooo looking forward to not buying diapers any more. The expense alone makes this worth it for us. And the extra laundry? It's not even an issue, which is weird because I intensely dislike laundry. But somehow doing laundry for Maggie is much easier than doing my own ... it must be love :)

(Still not smiling for the camera ... she is so related to her Uncle Danny!)