A Growin' Peanut

Our sweet girl had her 4-month check-up this morning.

(Can y'all believe she is 4 months old, already?)

Maggie is doing so well! Until now, she has always been below the growth chart, but this time around she made it to "the percentiles" :) For weight, height and head circumference she is in the 10th percentile.

Woo-hoo! Not too shabby for a preemie, eh?

The doc is particulary pleased with how well she's developing. She said that head circumference is usually the last thing to catch up for preemies, and that it takes quite some time, but not for our Maggie-girl.

What can I say ... I'm sure it's 'cause she's a genius :)

She now weighs 10 pounds, 13 ounces (which you feel every time you feed her and that little noggin' is resting on your arm), and is 23 inches long (which is how she has gotten so good at kicking you when you're holding her).

She did have to get 4 shots again today, which is bad for Mom, too. Poor baby. I just hate the necessity of them, ya know?

Other than that, she's just a happy, smiley little baby. She really makes life wonderful :)