About Me

Hey, y’all.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jennie, by the way. But you probably knew that already, right?

I play many roles, the newest of which is Mommy and I love it. It’s the best thing ever. I’m also a Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend. And Blogger, I suppose I could add. (Though that one may just fall under “Friend”. Let’s just say it does, shall we?)

Sometimes I think this world moves too fast for me. Born and raised in Alabama, I have fond memories of my childhood: breathing the heavy Southern air filled with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and the buzzing of mosquitos; riding our bicycles down the big hill in our neighborhood and getting the belly-lurching, excited-scared feeling as you prayed no cars would drive by; chasing fireflies in the gloaming as my parents and grandparents rocked on the front porch, sipping sweet tea and chatting about life; backyard barbeques with the radio playing good country music; maneuvering rabbit ears so as to achieve the best reception for the football game on TV; climbing trees with my cousins and helping Grandma pick flowers from her garden, then trying to hide under her piano when it was time to go home. These memories are so visceral. They take me back to a simpler time – a time when life wasn’t so hectic and people really enjoyed being with one another.

So, this is my place to slow down a bit, to take time and chronicle the life of our family, especially my daughter, before time has flown by and the little things are all forgotten. It’s my place for porch sittin’. My place for Visiting, Sharing, and Enjoying Company. I know it’s a bit one-sided in that I publish and you comment, but it works. It may be an electronic conversation, but it’s still a conversation and isn’t that what’s important?

Oh, and just in case you’re interested: I’m married to an amazing man, Jordan – I’m so proud of him and love being his wife. We have a beautiful daughter, Maggie – she’s our little miracle and I love her more than I thought possible. I can eat chicken pot pie until I’m sick and drink sweet tea by the bucket. Reading is my obsession. That and the SEC – I love me some college football, folks (can I get a War Eagle?!). We try to be the best Catholic Christians we can be but no one here is perfect, so Thank Jesus for mercy and grace and forgiveness. Chocolate is my downfall, especially brownies. And Fruit Loops. I prefer plays to movies but take much pleasure from both. I love my girlfriends and don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like. Ditto my godchildren. My kitties drive me to complete distraction but I love them, too, and they are awfully entertaining. I enjoy cooking for friends and have a tendency to choose the most involved recipes, but so far they've all turned out pretty well. Since having my daughter I have become very interested in photography and am currently hinting to Hubby about the new camera I’d like to be ‘surprised’ with for Christmas – fingers crossed that the message gets through!

And if I ever win the lottery, I’m buying a big ole compound in Tennessee with the houses situated so they share a huge backyard meadow – that way my family and friends could all live close by and we could visit any time we wanted without having the travel expense.

So take a minute. Pour yourself a glass of tea. Sit down, relax, and let’s visit.