Show Us Your Life 07.24.09

I'm doing the Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life" today because, well, its about wedding dresses ... and I. Love. Wedding. Dresses. I had big plans to scan my favorite pics and show off all kinds of angles, but that didn't really happen. What did happen was I picked up my daughter after work and my mind could only hold one thought from there on out, and that thought was "Hold Maggie. Love Maggie. Hold Maggie. Love Maggie." (oh ... and "Feed Hubby" but that wasn't as insistent.)

And really, who can blame me? She totally adorable!

So, instead of boo-coo pictures, ya only get 2, and only because they exist in my email archives. Which, actually, might be plenty for all y'all who aren't me :)

So, here ya go ... this is me and my new Hubby, right after we walked back down the aisle all married and such :)

Here we are with my parents. I added this one just so you could see at least a little more of the volume of the dress. The back was simple and gorgeous, and if I ever get motivated to put down my child for some strange reason, I'll probably add that picture 'cause, well, it's an awesome dress for me. My veil was cathedral length and had tiny rhinestones in it that caught the light, and my tiara was a replica of Princess Di's French Knot that was given to her as a wedding present by the Queen. I'd kept a picture of her in that tiara for years, hoping that when I got married I could have something like it ... and I'll be dipped if it didn't happen :)

I don't think I'd change anything. I'm totally in love with pick-up skirts right now and really want to go to an event that will allow me to wear one (the dress I found for my niece's senior prom had them and it was gorgeous!) but other than that, my dress suited me pretty well, I think.

I have to say, I tend to be a bit old-fashioned, and I told my mom I wanted to be a princess for my wedding and dadgummed if she didn't deliver. I love my dress, and really love my tiara, and really really love my veil. I keep trying to come up with an excuse to wear it all again, but no oppportunities are presenting themselves, and Halloween just isn't a good enough excuse to unpack all that stuff :)