Our Little Fashionista

Before I forget what today is ...

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

We've just returned from our annual - and Maggie's first - trip to California and I am Tired with a capitol "T". But, because it has been A Whole Week since we've had new Maggie pics ... and I know y'all are just waitin' on pins 'n needles for 'em ... here are a few to tide you over :)

Introducing - Maggie's Beach Fashions, 2009:

Now, even though you're just visiting, there is no reason your sleepwear can't be adorable, as evidenced below (please note the pink faux shoes and ruffled heiny) ...

... and a beach trip is just not complete without board shorts.

Californians sport colorful summer clothes, so we fit in just fine with this outfit ... ... and this ensemble was completed with fabulous Mary Jane socks.

Since Mary Jane's go with just about every dress, we sported them often this week ...
... and of course, it wouldn't be July 4th without patriotic wear.

Please note the too cute tennies ...

The tennies are still big and they're newborn size but they were too fun not to wear, at least for a little while.
We'll post more when we're all rested up and recovered. Maggie met lots of folks, so there are many photos coming your way, plus a more Maggie In Motion - see y'all soon!