Everyone Needs a Great-Aunt Martha

Last Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind for us. We drove home from California, fed Maggie, freshened up (no showers!), then headed over to Hubby's Aunt Susie's house so Maggie could meet another of her great-aunts.

Great-Aunt Martha come in from Albuquerque, New Mexico for the weekend, and got to spend some time getting acquainted with the family's newest (and cutest!) member.

(Please note: Maggie is not upset with GA Martha! She was just a little fussy from being in a carseat all day long and took a couple of minutes to settle down.)

She also brought Maggie a gift and I just had to share it with y'all because it's too pretty and sweet and sentimental:

Martha stitched this back in 19-something-or-other (!) and gave it to Maggie for her room. Part of the gift is to have it reframed to match her furniture, but I couldn't wait for that before showing to you.

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, that night, during the popular game "Pass the Maggie", she and Cousin Matt finally got to hang for a bit ...

Then, it was back home and in our own beds for the night. Whew! What a long day, but our babe was a trooper and handled being passed around like a champ! Which is fine with us. The more people that love her the better :)