Blog Hoppin' 07.28.09

Time to hop again :) This week's theme is "Favorite Photo" and I immediately knew which one I wanted to share with y'all.

That was the easy part.

Getting to it, however, not so much.

I know where it is - it's in the little cedar box I received from the local Lane furniture store when I was a senior in high school.

And I know where the little cedar box is - in a Rubbermaid storage container at my Mom's.

My Mom? Somewhere between Branson, Missouri, and Chandler, Arizona. (Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" should just be her theme song, folks.)

So, picture #1 is out of the question. (But I want to tell y'all about it real quick before I show you picture #2 ... it's a picture of me when I was about 2 years old, with my grandfather, Pop. He had squatted down to take a picture with me and, instead of staying standing up so we'd be the same height-ish, I squatted down next to him, so in the picture, we're both squatting. It always makes me smile.)

Okay, so picture #2. It's not a Maggie picture, either. I know. I totally didn't ask permission, so hopefully my almost-13-year-old godson doesn't mind me showing off his semi-baby pictures, but this is my favorite picture of him and I just have to share. It still sits in a frame on my nightstand, all these years later.

Ian was about 15 months old at the time, and I was watching him for the evening. We'd driven up to my aunt and uncle's to visit, and they had 3 Golden Retreivers. In this photo, Sugar (who is as big sitting down as Ian is standing) was sniffing and licking Ian's ear, and Ian just laughed and laughed and laughed. I can still hear it ... I just love little kid laughs. They're so full and true and delightful. What a wonderful memory, huh?

So, now it's your turn. Be sure to hop around and visit while you're at it :)

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