Blog Hoppin' 07.14.09

***Updated: I just had to tell y'all that on my way to work this morning I passed a digital sign that said: "7/14/09 6:58am 93 degrees". Oh.My.

Welcome, folks, to this week's Blog Hop. The theme is 3 Things You Didn't Know About Me and I'll tell ya, this one took some thinkin' on my part ... but, although my irl friends are going to know these things already, I figured my bloggy friends wouldn't have a clue ... so ...

1) I have 2 tattoos. Yep, innocent-lookin', lil' ole me has 2 tats :) The first one is a Mickey Mouse tat on my inside-left ankle (he's about 14 years old and lookin' a little worn). The 2nd one is an old-looking celtic cross that has recent stretch marks going through it :)

2) I'm going to learn how to play golf. I know. What I once considered to be the most boring game on the planet will soon become part of marital bonding time. Hubby has been wanting to teach me for a couple of years now but since I've been pregnant for the past eleventy-hundred months, we've never been able to. However, once the weather here cools down, off to the practice range we go. (In my opinion, only crazy people golf when it's 115 outside, so we wait ... ). If I get good at it, Hubby has promised me an Auburn golf bag and pretty blue clubs :)

3) I own The Monkees tv show box set ... yes, I am that dorky :) It was a favorite show when I was a teen. I remember watching in on Nick at Nite, along with the original Batman show.

Okay, so now it's y'all's turn ... and be sure to hop around and make some new bloggy friends :)

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