Randomness From A Weary Brain

***Update: I was reminded by my AL sister from another mother that Gulf Coast hurricanes are waaay more fun than Arizona monsoons. Just thought I'd share :)***

Original Post:

Not to beat a dead horse here, but MAN, am I tired.

Of course, it's always worse the morning after Hubby has band practice (like today), because he's out late that night and I am up later than usual since, well, why oh why would Maggie want to go to sleep after her 9pm snack when there is so much stuff to look at.

We have GOT to get this child's days and nights switched around before Mommy falls asleep driving to work.

(Just kidding.)



In other news, laundry is piling up from sheer lack of interest and the bed linens haven't been changed since I brought Maggie home.


One of my BFF's is coming in town on Saturday and I am soooo excited!

I say "one of" because, well, there's Mary and there's Ashli, and ya just can't choose which amazing chick is better than the other, so I have 2. Plus, ya know, my "sister" Misti, who is Ashli's irl sis but mine by adoption ;)

Basically, I've known them almost forever and they're all family.

I've digressed waaay too much ...

Back to my original thought ... Mary is coming for a visit this weekend. Yippy!

A friend of Hubby's is getting married Saturday and his band is playing the reception, so Mary and I will have the whole of Saturday together for some super-girltime-bonding fun. Mani/pedi, here we come!!

Actually, it's a visit with purpose, as Maggie is being baptized this Sunday and Mary is her godmother (Uncle Danny is her godfather and is not excited about it at all ... wink, wink). I am so excited about this, I can't even tell ya. Or maybe I can. We'll see. Anyway, I was passed out in recovery when Fr. John came to the hospital to baptize Samantha last year, so I wasn't able to be any part of that, so this one is extra-special for me. Fr. John will be baptizing Maggie (he was the celebrant at Samantha's funeral, as well), so it feels nice and family-like, as if this whole journey of ours has come full circle and we're finally where we'd always hoped to be. And since hardly a week or 2 has gone by that I don't meet or hear from someone at church that I don't know who prayed for us when Samantha died and has been praying for our Peanut pregnancy, it's like the whole body of Christ at OLMC is in on the happiness, and I love that.

I have to say, the outpouring of prayer and love from our faith community has been so overwhelming during the past couple of years. It's been an amazing journey and we have never been alone, having the comfort not only of our Lord and our families, but of His people as well. It's been awesome, and humbling, and grace-filled, and even with the heartache, it's been uplifting.

It's so great that this baptism is being celebrated during the Mass (as opposed to before or after), so that the whole congregation can be a part of it.

Hopefully Maggie won't make a stinky toot during the Mass, but it's entirely likely and will totally make me laugh.

We'll be sure to document everything for posterity, have no fear :)

And after the baptism there's the party ... of course :) Lots of friends and family and food ... and a pool because we are in Arizona, after all!


Speaking of Arizona, I just found out that the really nice weather we're having right now comes with consequences. Once monsoon season hits, temps and humidity are supposed to be very high, and the storms are going to be much stronger than they have been the past few years. Oh, joy. 'Cause there's nothing more fun than an Arizona monsoon!


Okay, I think I'm done for now. Thanks for taggin' along, y'all :)