Where For Art Thou, Sleep?

Oh my.

The Tired ... it is a-catchin' up.

I have never felt so exhausted ever.

Jet lag doesn't do this.

All-nighters during college didn't do this.

One teeny-tiny person, however, has completely wrecked a perfectly good sleep schedule :)

Not that I mind - I wouldn't trade Maggie for all the sleep time in the world, y'all know that! And don't take this as complaining, because I'm not, I promise. I'm just wondering how on earth I will be able to function when I go back to work next week.

I had no idea that every little squeak, squirm, coo, grunt (or toot, as it has been lately), OPENS my eyes WIDE, no matter what time of day or night. No matter that it's just Maggie settling down or shifting position, my Superman level of hearing catches it, and even if she doesn't need me for anything right then, I'm awake. Which isn't so bad, really. It's the difficulty falling back to sleep that has me in a near-zombie state by 3pm some afternoons.

And I've never caught on to that whole "sleep when baby sleeps" thing. My naps (which have totalled about 3 in the almost 8 weeks I have been home) have been less "naps" and more "instant coma in a recliner", right in the middle of the day. Does passing out count as a nap?

And Hubby!! How he does not hear Maggie in the middle of the night is making me wonder if I'll ever be able to leave him alone and in charge of the child for a girls-weekend adventure before she's able to drive! Heck, he often doesn't hear me when I ask him to check on her (the cradle is on his side of the bed). Jabbing hasn't worked yet, either ... all I get in reply is snoring. My friend, Misti, assures me that Hubby is "standard issue" and that for whatever reason, dads aren't endowed with the same Super Powers as moms.


At least when I'm wide awake I have a beautiful baby girl to look at :)