One Month Old

This past Friday was Maggie's 1 month birthday. Unfortunately, we had to celebrate with a visit to the doctor's office for a check-up.

Maggie has definitely gotten the hang of this eating thing - her weight is up to 6 pounds, 1 ounce, and she's 19 inches long! She's growing by leaps and bounds and she's only a month old!

Already, I want to be able to pause time so she doesn't get too big too fast ... she just too precious exactly as she is :)

Unfortunately, the doctor visit did include a shot. It made Maggie scream and cry, and yes, it made me cry, too. I'm seriously considering having Hubby take her in next time just because I just hated seeing her hurt like that. It was awful.

She did get a Bugs Bunny band-aid, but I don't think she was in an appreciative mood :)

Oh, and as a side note, it was nice having a Mother's Day that didn't cause tears :) We had a nice dinner with my and Hubby's parents, Uncle Danny, our niece Megan, and her friend Nestor. Good dinner, good conversation, relaxing afternoon ... and it wasn't at my home!! It felt so good to be outside of my own home - I had been home these past 4 weeks, only taking Maggie out to go to the doctor, attend a baby shower, and go once to church, to give her little body and immune system a chance to grow and mature, but I'm close to going stir crazy! It's fantastic being home with Maggie all day, but I believe I need more adult stimulation :) God bless the stay-at-home moms! I love it but had never considered what you miss out on adult-wise. It's worth it, just takes some adjusting.

Okay, and now for the cuteness! Maggie has her eyes open more now ... especially at 2am, according to her Dad (I wouldn't know as that is not my feeding time!)

Do you see Cosmo wanting to get in and play?!

It looks like her eyes may be blue - yea!! We both are hopeful, anyway :)