Bath Time for Maggie

Here is a not-so-favorite activity of our little girl ... I'm sure she's not going to hate us later in life for sharing her naked pictures on the internet :) Y'all won't tell on us, will you?

This is a face y'all don't see often, and though it really doesn't happen often, it does exist :) Even her pink rubber ducky (or rubber cow-ducky ... yes, you read that correctly) doesn't help her enjoy bath time. She's getting better, though, and it's getting easier bit by bit. The really bad part is going from the warm bath water to the towel - those 3 seconds of chilliness cause massive squealing and gnashing of teeth ... or gums, as it is :)

Finally, warmth and a binky :)

Bathing her squirmy little self can be challenging, depending on the amount of resistance I get from her on that particular day, but lotioning (is that even a word?) her up afterward is like trying to hang on to a greased pig! She can be a slippery little sucker! Once we're all done, though, she's so sweet smelling - if only we could bottle that baby smell. It's what heaven must smell like ... it's just too precious.

Oh, as a side note, this bath took place because Hubby was officially "christened" by Maggie. Apparently, while I was conveniently out of the house for a lab test, Maggie both pooed and had a massive spit-up on her dad - twice, actually :) The poo-leakage spilled out while she was having lunch, and the spit-up occurred first when Hubby was trying to clean her up and change her diaper, and second, after they were both clean and relaxing in the recliner. Never underestimate the power of a good burping after a meal - it seems Maggie had an air bubble that didn't burp out well, then continued her noshing on top of it. So, ya know, what went in on top of that bubble came out! Thus, bath time in the middle of the day, as opposed to before our nighttime feeding like we normally do.

Welcome to fatherhood, Hubby :)