Maggie Has Visitors

Maggie had a couple of happy visitors ...

Uncle Danny LOVES being "Uncle Danny" ... I'm sure Maggie already has him wrapped around her little finger :) ...

...and Aunt Nici stopped by to see the newest family addition.
Maggie got to meet Lauren and Clarke yesterday, too, but I didn't think about taking pictures (Hubby and I both need to get better at remembering to do that!). Lauren and Clarke are her cousins on the Donatelli side, and she got to spend a little time with them while they're in town.
In other Maggie news, she had a weigh-in at the doctor's office yesterday, and is now up to 5 pounds. She continues to eat well and is up about every 3 hours like a clock. Those 2am and 5am feedings are a little difficult, but we're slowly adjusting to fragmented sleep. I need to learn how to nap so I can get sleep during the day! I've never been a napper, but it would be a handy skill to have right now :)