The ALL IMPORTANT Pictures :)

***UPDATE: Oops, folks. It totally slipped my mind to tell y'all that Maggie went home from the hospital last night. We took the pics of her with her Easter baskets in our living room. Her bili-ruben count was down on its own yesterday afternoon (without her having been in phototherapy for most of the day), so she was discharged. She's continuing to do well, and had her first official doctor's appointment today. She has lost a little weight so we're going back Wednesday just for a weight check, but she's eating well and all, so I'm sure she'll be fine. Thanks for all of your concern for our little Peanut :)

Mornin' everyone,

Just sharing a few photos. We had a good night last night, though I think Hubby and I will take some time adjust to this whole up-all-through-the-night routine. Plus you have to factor in the worrying. My Hubby is NOT a worrier, but even he gets up just to see that Maggie is breathing ... and I thought I would be the only one to act like that :)

And, because I know everyone is just waiting on pins and needles ... here are pics of our new addition!

These first ones are when we were both still in the hospital.

The next 2 pictures are from Easter Sunday. The pediatric nursing staff at the hospital provided all the kids with Easter baskets, so Maggie got to celebrate!

And let me just say ... trying to catch pictures of a squirmy 4 day-old? Not so easy :)