Another Week, Another Doctor

Sometimes, I just wish we could see the same doctor every time.

I went in this morning for the fFN test. Only the doc I saw wasn't aware that that was why I was there. I had to bring it up, which just confused me and made me a little unhappy, since - hello! - I worry, people, and I've been doing a decent job of it this past week. Apparently, my swiss cheese brain needs to retain all medical info 'cause there was nary a note in my file about this test. Or if there was, the doc didn't see or couldn't decipher the handwriting (which, really, who could blame her - they're doctors, after all). Dr. Lee also mentioned she didn't see the need for it since I'm not having any symptoms (big YEA! for that), but long story short, to save me $50 in co-pays and consolidate visits (thank you, Dr. Lee), I had the test.

And the regular OB visit scheduled for next week.

And a gestational diabetes test.

Boy, was that one fun. They had me down a sickeningly sweet orange-flavored drink then sit in the lobby for an hour (inthelobbyforanHOUR. I didn't have a book. I didn't have a book!). After that hour, the tech took a vial or 10 of blood and finally let me go. I don't know when we'll hear about test results, but I have another appointment in 2 weeks, so if not before then, we should know something at that time.

I'm sure all of these tests and worries are commonplace for these docs since they only deal with high-risk pregnancies, so I'm doing my best not to worry until they tell me to. I keep thinking I'm getting these tests because of existing problems, but I'm more and more becoming convinced that, due to the nature of their practice, they're just running down their checklist as our pregnancy progresses, and that it isn't necessarily all because of me. Which is kind of reassuring, actually.

Aside from all of that, Peanut seems to be doing just fine. Heartbeat was 137...and that bugger has gotten more active. Apparently, Peanut even nudged Jorde the other night while we were talking in bed. Kinda freaked him out a little, which was funny :)

All in all, everything looks like it's moving along right on schedule. I even get to go on our church retreat in 2 weeks, assuming all continues as it has been - well, and I had to promise to take frequent breaks with my feet up (I'm calling that a nap, people) and drink a lot and not do too much walking/hiking/etc, which shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and I had to confirm that we were near a town (Prescott) that had a hospital.

These docs...they sure know how to put your mind at ease, don't they?

Oh, here's a teaser for you ... Jorde is going to begin reading "Husband-Coached Childbirth". I had to promise there were no pictures before he would consent (not even making that up). I'll keep you abreast of any revelations or antecdotes as his reading progresses. It promises to provide some interesting discussion, I think :)