...And We're Back

Who knew bloggy stuff could get so technically involved?! But, it's been resolved (thank you, Danielle!) and here we are, at our "new" site with the pretty stuff.

The url hasn't changed, but all of the other posts (and comments) are on an "old" blog now, which can be accessed by a link on the sidebar. The super-anal part of me really, really, really wants to move all of those posts over here, one by one...and I'm not saying the sane part of me has won for good...but for now, if you'd like to view any previous posts or pictures, you can get there via the link. I don't want to lose all those fabulous comments from you guys, so it'll most likely remain as it is - I'm just having to reconcile my need-to-have-all-things-consolidated-self to that outcome :)

Anyway, we're still here! And we'll continue to update as our pregnancy continues ... or, ya know, if our kitties do something extremely funny that I just have to share :)

Happy New Year!
Love and hugs from