It's a ... Peanut!

Come on ... y'all know we're not gonna find out the sex of our baby! Besides, it's way too early to tell.

I was trying to wait to unveil our little Webb-let's nickname until we had an ultrasound picture to go with it, but I've actually had a few queries as to whether or not we've settled on one, and I know so many of you are keeping our little one in prayer and that having a name is probably better than saying "the Webb's baby" or (as one friend calls him/her) "Sam's Sibling". So, until May arrives and with it our bundle of happiness, we have a Peanut.

We were scheduled for an ultrasound today but had to reschedule because the tech said, for the tests they were doing (just preventative/diagnostic stuff, no worries), that our "peanut" was still too young. She called our babe "peanut" a few times. I had been toying with that as a nickname for a week or so now, and hearing her call him/her "peanut" made it a "yep, that's the name" kinda moment. We did get to see that the heartbeat is good and strong (162 beats per minute) and that Peanut is actually jumping around in there, even if I can't feel it yet!

Oh, and just as a totally goofy, random thing: the Chinese calendar says we're having a boy :)

So, there you have it. Thank you, again and again and again, for all of your prayers and good thoughts for our Peanut. We'll continue to keep everyone updated as we have news to share.

Love and hugs all around,