Introducing ... Butterbean!

For those who aren't yet "in the know", we (meaning me and my friends/family ... Jorde thinks it's weird) have dubbed Baby Webb "Butterbean" during it's in utero life. We're not finding out the sex of said child and I just cannot refer to the baby as "the baby" or "him/her" or "it" for 5 more months, plus, it's kind of becoming a tradition in my circle of friends back home. Why Butterbean, you may ask? Well, for one, it's Southern, and while I don't live there anymore, I love my home state, and the manners and morals that are still expected there, and hope to raise our child as a Southerner-in-exile (I mean face it, Southerners are known for their manners and hospitality, and "yes ma'am" and "no, sir", and we will teach those lessons to our kiddos). Secondly, little Butterbean's due date is September 4th, which is not only the birthday of Jorde's sister, Erin, but also the birthday of my godson, Ian, who was known as "Pea" until his arrival, so it's keeping it in the family, so to speak. And lastly...honestly, the first ultrasound we had at about 6 weeks 5 days looked like a butterbean!

We also have one of our current ultrasound pictures above (our appointment was this morning). Nope, we didn't spring for the fancy-shmancy 3D picture...let's save that $$ for pictures of Butterbean that people will want to keep, ya know, or at least be able to hang on their fridge without someone going "what's that?" According to our ultrasound tech, Katherine, Butterbean looks perfect. Good grief, can that little one move!! Katherine had to chase him/her at times to get the measurements she needed! We got to see the heart (& it's 4 chambers), the brain (& it's 2 halves plus the cerebellum), the spine, plus the belly and leg bones and arms and hands and feet. And, she thinks we have a thumb or finger sucker on our hands :) She also thinks that, if growth continues as it has thus far, we may have an above-average-sized baby to birth (definitely news I wasn't prepared for!) All in all, a very cool, surreal, and wonderful experience.

Also, the fibroid cyst on my uterus she found and measured at our last appointment (at the end of February) has basically shrunk to half the size it was, which was also nice to hear. One less thing to worry about.

As always, we'll continue to keep you updated as our pregnancy progresses. No weird cravings, as yet (people keep asking), though I don't seem to really want chocolate at all which, seriously, that's just WEIRD. Other than that and the fact that moo-juice and it's byproducts make me very green, nothing out of the ordinary happening. Just glad to be feeling well, and happy that baby is growing and healthy :)

Continued thanks for all the prayers for Butterbean and us. We appreciate them more than we can express. Until next time ... Love and hugs all around :)